Please note: All treatments and services may not be displayed online. Please contact the salon for a full price list of both Beauty & Hair services. 


Eye Enhancements



Eyebrow Shape                                                           $18

Eyebrow tint                                                                $12

Eyelash Tint                                                                 $15

Eyebrow Shape & Tint                                               $25

Eyebrow shape, Eyebrow Tint & Eyelash Tint       $38

Henna Eyebrow Tinting

Henna tinting is 99% natural tint and is designed to last 14 days on your skin to help fill in any gaps and 4 weeks on your hair. it is great for covering those pesky grey hairs and is very conditioning for the hair and can encourage hair growth.


Henna Eyebrow Tint                                           $25

Henna Eyebrow Tint & Eyebrow Shape          $37

Lip                                                                $10 

Chin                                                             $10 

Lip and chin                                                $18 

Eyebrow, Lip & Chin                                $32 

Sides of face                                              $15 

Full face incl eyebrow shape                   $45 

Underarm                                                  $15 

½ Leg                                                          $22 

Top ½ leg                                                    $25 

Full leg                                                        $40 

½ Arm                                                         $20 

Full arm                                                      $30 

Bikini                                                           $18 

G – string                                                  $25 

Brazilian                                                      $45

½ Leg & Bikini                                            $35 

Full Leg & Bikini                                        $55 

Top ½ Leg & Bikini                                    $40 

½ Leg & Brazilian                                      $60 

Full Leg & Brazilian                                   $80 



Back                                                           $35 

Chest                                                         $30 

Legs                                                           $45 

Arms                                                         $40 

Eyelash Extensions

Full Set Eyelash Extensions                             $85

Eyelash Extensions Infill 2-4 weeks               $50

Half Set of Eyelash Extensions                       $55

Weekly Infill                                                        $30

Eyelash Lift

Eyelash Lift                                                             $70

Eyelash Lift with Tint (Recommended)              $80

Facial Treatments

Juice Taster Facial - $50

Want a taste of Skin Juice? This is the perfect facial to be treated with the 4 daily essential products as you are pampered for a quick pick me up & glowing skin on the run. Also great for someone who wants to start a new skin routine or a refreshing facial between peels and intensive facials.


Zen Hydrating Berry Peel - $80

Soothe and strengthen skin with this super juicy hydrating peel. This super antioxidant rich treatment has the ability to help reduce sensitivity, while pure enzymes and lactic acid work together to gently exfoliate and unveil fresh smooth skin. A hand or foot and scalp massage complete your zen experience.


Purifying Pineapple Peel - $80

Help clear breakouts and balance your skin with this clarifying peel. Organic pineapple juice and enzymes help exfoliate the skin, while fruit acids cleanse pores and help fight breakout causing bacteria. Fruit nutrients boost the skin’s ability to protect against inflammation or infection. A hand or foot and scalp massage completes your healing treatment


Plumping Pumpkin Peel - $80

Put the bounce and brilliance back into your skin with this powerful treatment for skin with signs of ageing. Exfoliating plant acids and fruit enzymes help reveal a healthy, youthful glow, while a rich diet of skin protective nutrients deeply feed the skin and help stimulate faster cell renewal for a plumper and brighter complexion. 


Deluxe Juicy Blend Facial $99

A Skin Juice facial for your unique skin type. After a detailed consultation with your juicy skin therapist your skin concerns are targeted with a unique combination of peels to gently reset your skins function. This facial is to relax your mind and body while you allow your skin therapist to treat your skin with a choice of an eyebrow wax or lash tint, cleansing, steam, exfoliation, facial massage, scalp massage and a personalised mask that is expertly blended and applied to infuse essential nutrients and aids your skin. You custom formulation is then given to you to take home to maintain your glow.


It is essential to thoroughly prepare the skin at home by using good quality skincare products. Skinstitut & skin juice homecare products are recommended to use at home to maximise skincare results and minimise any adverse reactions pre and post peel


Add a little extra to any facial treatments at a discounted price - must book in advance and only can be added to facials to ensure there will be time to receive your little extra treatment

Eyebrow wax                     $15                  

Eyelash Tint                      $12                       

Eyebrow Tint                    $10

Lip Wax                            $10

Juicy Peel (AHA).            $35

Vitamin C Shot                $20

15min Back Massage        $25

Pregnancy Treats

Pregnancy Glow Facial - $90

A pregnancy safe peel will help treat common pregnancy skin concerns such as pigmentation, sensitivity, breakouts and dehydration. A freshly blended mask is then applied to nurture your skin and leave it renewed, glowing and as soft as a baby’s bottom.

Mummy’s Tummy (Belly) Facial - $55

Comfort irritated, dry and stretching skin with this nourishing moisture treatment for the tummy. A gentle massage and hydration hit to keep the skin supple and help prevent stretch marks.


Hydrabrasion is the latest in aesthetic technology to Polish, Refine and Hydrate the skin in the one treatment. Dry Diamond Dermabrasion is performed first, followed by the hydration burst treatment with fine skin polishing.The procedure is customised for your special skin concerns 

Hydrabrasion - Including a treatment mask & appropriate serums              $80

Package of 6 treatments performed fortnightly to monthly                           $390 

Hydrabrasion with Glycolic resurfacing peel or collagen mask                 $99 

Package  of 6 treatments performed fortnightly to monthly                          $495


Express Micro -Includes diamond microdermabrasion, hydration infusion & moisturiser    $59 

(express does not include mask or serums) 


Skin Needling

Fractional Mesotherapy is an advanced skin perfecting treatment that delivers the highest calibre collagen induction therapy to improve skin texture, smooth wrinkles and fine lines while softening scars. This unique process combines micro needling with Mesotherapy (the introduction of various vitamins and complex ingredients to the dermis).


  • Collagen Induction Therapy for anti-ageing

  • Exfoliation

  • Increased topical product absorption

  • Regulated pigmentation

  • Reduced appearance of rosacea

  • Reduced size of the appearance of pores

  • Reduced size of the appearance of scar tissue

  • Reduced appearance of stretch marks

  • Increased growth of stronger and thicker hair

  • Fast, safe and comfortable treatment

  • Minimal downtime, speedy recovery

  • Chemical free treatment for all skin types

Face treatment including Numbing            $180

Face, Neck & Decolletage                           $220

Body Treatments

½ Hour Back, Neck and Shoulder                        $45 

½ Hot Stone - Back, Neck and Shoulder           $45 

Body Massage                                                         $80

Facial & Massage Packages

-Teen Starter - $55 

Eyebrow wax, your choice of a Eyelash tint or eyebrow tint, Juicy taster facial & a short lesson on how to look after your skin & product prescription to start your teen skin routine.  



-Renew and Rejuvenate - $145

Back massage,Deluxe Juicy Blend Facial Including Eyebrow wax, Deluxe scalp massage to reduce tension and relax your mind & body & a complimentary Hand or Foot Massage.



-Platinum package - $180

A full body massage with warm oil infused with the appropriate DoTerra essential oils to relax your body and mind.

A Foot scrub and hot towel treatment before the beginning of your facial treatment.

Your choice of Deluxe Juicy Blend Facial or a Deluxe Hydrabrasion and a complimentary Foot massage and scalp massage. 

Bleach Bright Teeth Whitening

BleachBright has developed a new technology for teeth whitening that works at the speed of light. With only one 20-30 minute process your teeth will be brighter from two to eight shades! Create a positive attitude for yourself and improve your appearance while achieving a more youthful look with your new radiant smile.

BleachBright teeth whitening is not a medical procedure and is a safe product.

Teeth Whitening               $149

Blu Minerals Add on         $49

bluminerals™ Protects Your Whitening — After whitening, the tubules (pores) of the teeth remain open and can easily absorb stains after eating or drinking. bluminerals™ seals the pores of the teeth to prevent staining and maintain your teeth's new sparkly white color.

bluminerals™ Eases Sensitivity — Peroxide can sometimes cause tooth sensitivity in some people. If used after an L.E.D. whitening, bluminerals™ eases tooth sensitivity by using potassium nitrate. If you suffer from sensitivity when you whiten your teeth, then this product is for you. Just sit under the L.E.D. light for 10 more minutes and kiss sensitivity goodbye!


Spray Tanning

 We have a range of bases, colours & time developing tans in each brand & range please speak to your therapist about your desired colour or they will recommend a base that will suit your skin best.

Moroccan Tan                                 $25

Moroccan Tan 30min express tan  $35

BellaBronze Tan Violet & Mocha   $25


Hand & Foot Treatments

20min foot massage                 $40

20min hand massage            $35

At Bare Beauty you also have the option of having airbrush makeup, it is priced the same as general makeup application.

Airbrush makeup is unlike the traditional makeup foundation application. Airbrushing sprays a fine mist onto your skin that gives a flawless coverage that will last as long as 24hrs without smearing, running, fading or cracking. It is amazing for weddings, formals or just that special occasion. Airbrushing is a specialised makeup application that was once only used for TV celebrities & special photo shoots 

Makeup Application                                          $75

Lash Application                                               $10 

Weddings  -

Contact for quote - prices start from             $90





Ears              $25